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ADEPT Equipment Services, Inc. is a Veteran-Owned Business
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brazilian hair uk ADEPT Equipment Services has had experience with and supports industrial equipment used in a wide variety of industries.

Consumer Appliances/Electronics

Typical applications: Printers, washer and dryer parts, filtration parts, ink and toner cartridges
Typical equipment serviced: Hot plate welders, ultrasonic welders, vibration welders, injection mold machines, burst test machines, fixturing

Machining Industry

Typical applications: Punch and dies, stamped details, automotive parts, precision cutting and grinding tools
Typical equipment serviced: Gun drills, machining centers, grinders, water jet cutting machines, wire EDM equipment, mills, drill presses, lathes


Typical applications: Carbon canisters, filters, intake manifolds, fuel injection systems, air bag consoles, tail lights, interior lighting components, instrument clusters, consoles
Typical equipment serviced: Vibration welders, hot plate welders, spinwelders, ultrasonic welders, test stations, fixturing


Typical applications: Lenses, lens arrays, fiber, eyepieces, reflectors
Typical equipment serviced: Ultrasonic welders, ultrasonic cleaners, test equipment


Typical applications: Filters, breathing apparatus, bags, bottles, wound management devices, blood separators
Typical equipment serviced: Vibration welders, hot plate welders, spinwelders, ultrasonic welders, ultrasonic cleaners, test stations, Fixturing

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ADEPT Equipment Services provides in-house and in-field service, repair, and refurbishment of industrial capital equipment. We are expert at equipment installation, commissioning, and start-up. We serve clients regionally, nationally, and internationally in the automotive, medical, consumer electronics, machining, and packaging industries. Our services include support of non-ultrasonic plastics welding machinery, providing spare parts, and plastics welding training. ADEPT is lace wigs uk conveniently located in upstate New York.